Fall 2011

  Ivy Reed offers a collection that accentuates the natural movement and expression of your body. 

  Easy-care 100% rayon is hand batiked and dyed in Bali with colorfast, quality dyes

                   Copper Corona  Olive Corona  Denim Baur

  Machine wash delicate / Hang to Dry

  Missy Sizing:  S, M, L, XL

Shown here in Olive Corona :

Style 6614 Moroccan Pants

Style 2225 Trapeze Jacket

Style 4403 Knit Cord scarf

Style 1122 Long Tank



                      Olive Corona                               Denim Baur                         Copper Corona

Style #1122, 2225, 4403, 5514
Style #1122, 2225, 3312
Style #1128, 5502





Style #1113

Tunic with Sash

This tunic is great over our Palazzo Pants (style 5502) or as a long top over leggings.

     Olive Corona

     Copper Corona (shown here)

     Denim Baur




Style #1126

Asymmetric Top

  This tops flatters all sizes and is a very popular top. 

  Asymmetric, free-fit with decorative buttons.


    Olive Corona

    Copper Corona (shown here)

    Denim Baur




Style #1128

Tunic with Tie

   Rayon spandex makes this a soft, drapey tunic top or short dress.  It comes in colors to coordinate with the dyed rayons.

   The tie is built into the top; the fit is snug and straight.







Style #2225

Trapeze Jacket

  Flowing jacket with kimono-style sleeves and draping front.

   Olive Corona (shown here)

   Copper Corona

   Denim Baur



Style #3312

Panel Skirt

Overlapping panels in prints and solids make a flowing skirt. 

Spandex waistband for great fit and comfort


   Olive Corona/Solid Olive

   Copper Corona/Black

   Denim Baur/Solid Denim

      (shown here)



Style #4401 Keyhole Scarf

Style #4403 Knit Cord Scarf

   This is a very popular scarf because it's so easy to wear.  Just wrap it around your neck and thread the ends through the built-in keyhole.

   Shown here in Olive Corona layered together.

   Copper Corona

   Olive Corona

   Denim Baur




Style #5502

Palazzo Pants

   This flowing pant has on-seam side pockets and a spandex waistband.

   Olive Corona

   Copper Corona (shown here)

   Denim Baur

   Solid Olive

   Solid Denim




Style #5511

Button Pants


   These pants have a decorative button detail and a spandex waist.  They feature an overlapped opening at the bottom that adds an attractive detail. 

   Olive Solid

   Denim Solid

   Black (shown here)



Style #5515

Moroccan Pants


    These are very full, long pants with a dropped crotch and elastic around the hems.  Spandex waistband.

   Olive Corona

   Copper Corona

   Denim Baur




Style #6610

A-line Dress

   Rayon Spandex dress with a swingy, A-line fit.  It is designed to wear over leggings or over our pants. 

   Shown here tied with our knit cord.






Style #7701

Cotton-Knit Cape Sweater

One Size

  This asymmetric, cape sweater is the perfect light-weight top over any of our rayons.  It's one size, drapey and easy to wear.  Hand wash.

   Copper (shown here)






Style #7702

Cotton-Knit One-Arm Sweater

S, M, L, XL

  This one-arm sweater has an unusual, asymmetric look and a turtleneck.  Hand wash

   Copper (shown here)





Rayon Spandex Coordinates

Olive, Denim, Black

Style #1115

Cowl-Neck Top

3/4 Sleeve

Style #1122

Long Tank

Style #1123

Ruched T-neck


Style #1133

Cami w/ Adjustable straps

Style 1124

Ruched T-neck

Long Sleeves


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